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»U.G 3rd Semester Form fillup & Admit Card Notice,2022  15/01/2022

»U.G 5th Semester General Guidelines , 2022  08/01/2022

»U.G 5th Semester Admit Card Distribution Notice,2022  03/01/2022

»Student Week Celebration,2022  31/12/2021

»U.G 5th Semester Form Fillup Urgent Notice,2021  22/12/2021

» Important Noticifiaction Regarding 5th Semester Form Fillup,2021  17/12/2021

»U.G 3rd Semester Admission Notice,2021  16/12/2021

»DODL Renewal  16/12/2021

»General Notice,2021  16/12/2021

»U.G 1st semster (Session 2021-22) Student Card Distribution Notice,2021  16/12/2021

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»Physical Education Department Notice,2021  08/12/2021

»U.G 5th Semester Examination Form Fillup Notice,2021  07/12/2021

»Notice for 3rd and 5th semester Physical Education students,2021  02/12/2021

»U.G 2nd Semester Marksheet Distribution Notice,2021  02/12/2021

»Notice for 1st semester Physical Education students,2021  02/12/2021

»Online Admission Notice 3rd Semester , 2021  30/11/2021

»Physical Education Department Notice,2021  

 Physical Education Department Notice

Ranaghat College students whom are good at sports in this category and played district contact physical Education teacher 9088909567 in this number in urgent basis .

»U.G 5th Semester Stipend Notice,2021  29/11/2021

»Student Vaccination Notice,2021  24/11/2021

»U.G 3rd Year (5th Semester) Stipend Notice,2021  20/11/2021

»Revised Session 2020-21 U.G 1st Semester Registration Certificate Distribution Notice  20/11/2021

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»DODL Admission Notice, 2021  18/11/2021

»Online Admission Notice 5th Semester 2021  18/11/2021

»Online Admission Notice 5th Semester 2021  18/11/2021

»Session 2020-21 U.G 1st Semester Registration Certificate Distribution Notice  17/11/2021

»U.G 3rd & 5th Semester offline Class ( Morning Section)  14/11/2021

»U.G 1st Semester offline Class ( Morning Section)  14/11/2021

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»General Notice,2021  13/11/2021

»U.G 4th Semester Honours & General Marksheet Distribution Notice,2021  13/11/2021

»Important notification for DODL 1st Semester 2021  03/11/2021

»Notice for 3rd and 5th semester Botany Students  29/10/2021

»U.G Revised 1st Semester Marksheet Distribution Notice,2021  28/10/2021

» U.G 1st Semester Marksheet Distribution Notice,2021  21/10/2021

»Puja Holiday Notice,2021  09/10/2021

»B.A 1st Semester ( Session 2020-21) Marksheet Distribution Notice,2021  05/10/2021

»05.10.2021 Vaccination Schedule ( 2nd Dose Covaxin)  04/10/2021

»06.10.2021(4th Day) Vaccination Schedule (1st Dose & 2nd Dose)  03/10/2021

»03.10.2021 (3rd Day) Vaccination Schedule ( 1st Dose)  01/10/2021

»General Notice,2021  30/09/2021

»02.10.2021 (2nd Day) Vaccination Schedule ( 1st Dose)  30/09/2021

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»General Notice for Thursday Marksheet Distribution,2021  27/09/2021

»U.G 1st Semester Marksheet Distribution Notice ,2021  28/09/2021

»U.G 6th Semester Without Admit Marksheet Distribution, 2021  27/09/2021

»Urgent Notice for COVID Vaccine  27/09/2021

» Admission Notice for PG - 2  25/09/2021

»Newly & Running Students Vaccination Form,2021  25/09/2021

»U.G 2nd Semester B.Sc General Practical Schedule  22/09/2021

» U.G Part I and II Admit Card Notice,2021  18/09/2021

»U.G Part I and II Examination general Guidelines,2021  18/09/2021

»U.G 2nd Semester Examination General Guidelines,2021  18/09/2021


»U.G 4th Semester B.Sc General Practical Schedule,2021  16/09/2021

»Urgent Notice,2021  14/09/2021

»U.G 3rd Semester Marksheet Distribution Notice,2021  09/09/2021

»U.G 2nd Semester University Examination Fees Notice, 2021  07/09/2021

»Urgent Notice for 6th Semester without Admit Card Candidate already appear 6th Semester Examination  02/09/2021

»U.G 6th Semester Marksheet Distribution Notice,2021  31/08/2021

»U.G Part III Marksheet Distribution Notice,2021  31/08/2021

»U.G 4th Semester Examination General Guidelines,2021  30/08/2021

»U.G 1st semester Supplimentary (Session 2020-2021) General Notice,2021  26/08/2021

»DODL Admission Notice, 2021  26/08/2021

»IQAC Counselling Programe,2021  

Meeting Link in the attached Pdf


»U.G 4th Semester Admit Card Notice,2021  21/08/2021

»U.G Part II(Old) Admission and Examination fees Notice,2021  18/08/2021

»U.G Part II(Old) Admission and Examination fees Notice,2021  18/08/2021

»U.G 4th semester University Examination Fees Notice,2021  13/08/2021

»U.G Part III (Old) Examination Guidelines, 2021  06/08/2021

»U.G 6th Semester Examination Guidelines,2021  06/08/2021

»U.G Old Part III Admit Card Distribution Notice,2021  02/08/2021

»Online Application & Merit List Date Schdule 2021-2022  01/08/2021

»Admission Information & Online Application Procedures 2021  01/08/2021

»Intake Capacity 2020-21  01/08/2021

»General Information for Admission 2021  01/08/2021

»U.G 5th Semester Marksheet Distribution Notice,2020  27/07/2021

»U.G 6th semester Admit Card Notice, 2021  27/07/2021

»U.G 6th semester Examination Fees, 2021  17/07/2021

»General Urgent Notice for U.G 1st Semester candidate  12/07/2021

»U.G 6th Semester B.Sc BiO Program (with Botany) General Notice  30/06/2021

»U.G Old Part-III Admission & Examination Fees Notice,2021  30/06/2021

»U.G 2nd Semester Marksheet Distribution Notice,2020  30/06/2021

»M.A 1st Semester Examination General Guidelines (Internal & Main)  26/06/2021

»U.G 1st semester Internal Examination General Guidelines  16/06/2021

» Circular For Next U.G.& P.G Examination 2020  18/06/2021

»U.G 1st Semester Admit Card Notice,2020  10/06/2021

»U.G 1st Semester Final Registration List Soft Copy 2020-21  06/06/2021

»Student Fees Waiver Notice  08/06/2021

»U.G 1st semester Examination General Guidelines, 2020  05/06/2021

»New 1st Semester Registration Notice for 2020-2021  26/05/2021

»U.G 1st Semester Know Your ID Number ( Using RGC200.....)  16/05/2021

»U.G 3rd Semester Physical Education SEC Semester Examination,2020  11/05/2021

»1st Semester Examination University Examination fees Notice  29/04/2021

»Urgent Notice for 2nd semester Marksheet distribution  26/04/2021

»Online Registration for 2020-2021 New 1st Semester  20/04/2021

»U.G 2nd semester General Marksheet Distribution Notice  19/04/2021

»U.G 3rd semester Programme Practical Schedule  18/04/2021

»Urgent Notice for 3rd Semester (Regual and Casual) Candidate  07/04/2021

»Old Part-II Marksheet Distribution Notice  07/04/2021

»U.G 2nd Semester Honours Marksheet Distribution,2021  31/03/2021

»5th semester B.Sc Programme Practical Sechdule  23/03/2021

»General Guideline of 3rd semester Examination  14/03/2021

»3rd Semester Internal  14/03/2021

»U.G 3rd Semester University Form Fillup and Admit Card Distribution  12/03/2021

»5th semester Internal Examination,2021  06/03/2021

»General Guideline of 5th semester Examination  06/03/2021

»5th Semester B.A General Admit Card Distribution Notice,2021  05/03/2021

»5th Semester Admit Card Distribution Notice Except B.A General  01/03/2021

»U.G 3rd Semester Form Fillup Fees Payment Notice, 2021  27/02/2021

»General Notice regarding failed in 2nd semester examination result,2020  18/02/2021

»5th Semester Examination Form Fillup Notice ,2021  15/02/2021

»Aikayashree Scholarship Form fillup for Miniorite Students   05/02/2021

»U.G 5th Semester Form fillup Notice, 2021  04/02/2021

»U.G 4th Semester Marksheet Distribution Notice,2020  27/01/2021

»General Guideline of Old Part-I Examination ,2020  25/01/2021

»3rd Sem & 5th Sem Botany Practical Class Notice  25/01/2021

»Part-I (Old) Admit Card Notice, 2020  24/01/2021

»Part-II (Old) Practical Schedule, 2020 (Blended Mode)  23/01/2021

»Old Part-I Form Fillup Notice  15/01/2021

»General Notice,2021  11/01/2021

»General Guideline of Old Part-II Examination for B.A/B.Sc/B.Com General ,2020  07/01/2021

»Notice For SVMCM Scholarship  07/01/2021

»General Guideline of Old Part-II Examination for Honours 2020  06/01/2021

»SC/ST/OBC Stipend Scholarship for 2020-2021  04/01/2021

»Admission Notice for M.A/M.Sc 3rd Semester (2019-2021) of DODL, KU  03/01/2021

»Old Part II Admit Card Notice  26/12/2020

»3rd and 5th semester admission extended notice ,2020  21/12/2020

»General Guideline of 2nd Semester Examination 2020  12/12/2020

»Part - II (Old) and Part-III (Old) Notice  11/12/2020

»2nd Semester Internal Assessment , 2020  09/12/2020

»4th Semester Practical Schedule, 2020 (Blended Mode)  09/12/2020

»2nd Semester Admit Card Notice 2020  05/12/2020

»1st Semester and 3rd Semester Marksheet Distribution  02/12/2020

»SC/ST/OBC Stipend Scholarship  02/12/2020

»2nd Semester Form Fillup Notice 2020  29/11/2020

»3rd & 5th Semester Admission Extend Notice 2020  20/10/2020


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The independence of India in 1947 was coupled with the tragic partition of Bengal. Thousands of rootless people swarmed into West Bengal to start life a new. Nadia is one of such districts, which accommodated a large section of these displaced persons. Ranaghat along with other principal towns of Nadia had to provide shelter to most of the refugees. In such a situation, a few educationists dreamt of disseminating the fruits of higher education among the people of the surrounding areas. It was thus that Ranaghat College made its humble beginning in a small room of Pal Chowdhury High School, Ranaghat, Nadia, in 1950 with affiliation to Calcutta University. Later it was shifted to its present premises by the side of the National Highway 34. The College, located on a land of 4.68 acres, is well connected by road and railways and ever since its inception it has been instrumental in serving students from all section of the society irrespective of caste, creed and religion presently affiliated to the University of Kalyani, Ranaghat college offers three undergraduate programmes leading to B.A, B.Sc and B.Com degrees with Honours, Major and General courses. Ranaghat College also offers regular Master Course in Bengali under the University of Kalyani, DODL under the University of Kalyani in Bengali, English, History and education from the year 2014. Ranaghat College is operating a regular study centre of IGNOU, The Central University with U.G, P.G, Certificate and Diploma Courses.

The eight existing buildings of the College have several rooms including lecture halls, practical laboratories for science subjects, one laboratory in the department of Geography, English Language laboratory, two Computer Centers, a Central Library apart ...